Jerry Hill – Owner

JERRY HILL – Jerry Hill, husband of Erma Hill, is co-owner of Neosho Beauty College. Jerry retired some years back from La-Z-Boy Midwest, where his last position was production manager. From that point on, he worked with Erma at Neosho Beauty Colllege as fiscal officer, and pretty much did everything else from paying payroll to changing light bulbs. To this day at the age of 84, you will see Jerry nearly every day maybe fixing a chair, or a sink in between playing a round of golf on nice days.

A proud veteran of the Korean War, you might see him at the school wearing is cap that recognizes the United States Air force for which he served. Jerry will never be short of words in a conversation, and hasn’t ever met anyone not a friend. If you can get him on the golf course, expect to be outscored or surprised at his skills for his age, and be ready for a bit of instruction should you have any weaknesses in your swing.

Come visit the school and say a hello to Jerry if you see him. For 32 years along with Erma, he has put heart, soul, and many many hours of labor and countless assets into making the school a success he is very proud of.