Kellie Feiser – Instructor

Kellie Feiser – Kellie is a Diamond, Missouri native that now lives near Neosho with her husband Brad, and has three children and three great-grandchildren. She is a 1994 cosmetology graduate of Neosho Beauty College and is also a licensed massage therapist. She has been an instructor at Neosho Beauty College since 2011.

Kellie has done training and continuing education with Redken, Matrix, Farouk, Big Sexy Hair, Scruples, Aloxxi, All Nutrient, Tammy Taylor Nails, and with the Regis Corporation.

Message from Kellie…….

“After graduating from Neosho Beauty College, I realized that I had received something very special that had changed my life. The education and training I had received from my instructors made that possible. My instructors had educated me, but had also been patient and kind, and took the time to show me more than they were required to. Because of those instructors, I had a vision that one day I would have their life/work experience and I would like to hopefully do the same, and help others make a change in their lives. Now that I am teaching and seeing student progress forward to succeed and obtain goals to make life changes, it makes it all worth while for me to teach.

In the cosmetology industry it is imperative to continue your education beyond the training you receive in school for students and teachers alike because techniques and trends constantly change. I love to learn new information, and I hope my students will see that through me and enjoy learning as I enjoy learning from them.

Neosho Beauty College became like an extended family to me in 1994 with an open door tradition to always help with professional questions that I might have while working in the field once I graduated and started out on my own. Now I am proud to be a part of that tradition for our students past, current, and future.

My mission as an instructor here at Neosho Beauty College, is to help students navigate the training, obtain the skills needed, and progress toward their goals to be successful in the cosmetology industry.  I hope that when they leave Neosho Beauty College, that they have an appreciation of what they received, and the self-worth and confidence that I had when I graduated. I hope I can teach them as well as inspire them to be as successful as they can possibly dream.”